Victory for the shark at the CITES Conference in Bangkok

At the last moment China, Japan and other nations had tried to repealagain the only recently at the meeting adopted protectionof 5 species of shark. Shortly before the end of the conference they wanted to start the debate again, but received vehement protests from the other participants. So in the future oceanic whitetip sharks, porbeagle sharks, and three species of hammerhead may only come from sustainable stocks in trade and fishing nations must issue licenses. For these licenses they must be able to demonstrate that the allowable catch is not threatening the survival of threatened species.

A small victory for the protection of species

Volker Homes, director of the species conservation at WWF Germany accompanied the negotiations for the conservation organization in Bangkok and explained that it was "a milestone for global shark conservation." The protection of species had finally triumphed over culinary desires and economic interests. In 18 months the rules come into effect and the European Union provides € 1.2 million to the states to assist in the implementation of the provisions.

Sharp decline in shark stocks

In recent decades the populations of sharks have declined in many marine areas by up to 90 percent. According to Boris FrenzelBeyme, president of the Society for the Protection of sharks and rays (Elasmobranch Society, EEA), sharks and related species are particularly vulnerable to overfishing, "as they generally grow slowly, mature late, and only procreate a few offspring".

Senseless killing of sharks

Every year more than 100 million sharks are killed. Partly because of their fins for shark fin soup, as a by-catch in the up to 60 kilometers long trawls of  huge fishing fleets, for medically completely ineffective cartilage powder or by the destruction of their habitats. The main customers of shark fins are found mainly in Asian cultures, where shark fin soup is a cultural feast. Noteworthy is the fact that a shark fin, which consist of 90% cartilage, is largely tasteless and gets soft only after days in a boiling broth and then takes the flavor of the broth.

Increasing appetite for sharks

Today, shark fin soup has become a status symbol, particularly because of the in recent years greatly increased prices. But also the Europeans contributeto the threat to the shark with their appetite for shark steak. With the Germans above all the dogfish is popular, which is processed into smoked dogfish.


Press Release Wildlife Conservation

Costa Rica has recently banned sport hunting as the first country in Latin America. In other continents, it is unfortunately worse off with species protection.

Who cares for the survival of other species around the world, should also read the recent press release Costa Rica "fight for the survival of the animals."

Who cares for the survival of other species around the world, should also read the recent press release Costa Rica "fight for the survival of the animals."

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