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What is really in our food?

The food industry lives quite well from our ignorance about the ingredients in their industrially processed food. But their products are filled with chemicals and additives, which can lead to serious and long-termed damage. Here a short summary:


Trans fatty acids

First of all we consider the trans fatty acids. In case of factory production, it happens often, that the vegetable oils do not cure properly. This is often the case with processed margarine and highly heated vegetable oils. Really bad are French fries, chips and biscuits whose consumption could even lead to heart diseases and high cholesterol level. In the past there were large campaigns of the margarine industry which wanted to tell us how healthy Becel Margarine was and therefore many people turned their habit from butter to margarine. However, today it is known that naturally produced butter is much healthier.


Flavor enhancer

Let’s continue with the artificial flavors. There must be a reason why the food needs to be spiced with artificial aromas: The product is tasteless. Therefore, the inferior food has to be transformed into a natural tasting product, but this has nothing to do with real nature, since a healthy natural product does not need any improvement! It is the same with flavor enhancers which can even trigger allergies and migraine. In addition, artificial dyestuffs can also be filed into this category. A good example is the vegetable oil, which has a blue color after a long manufacturing process. Of course nobody would buy blue oil and so the product is simply prettified with artificial yellow color.



Another disgrace for our bodies are artificial sweeteners. These carcinogenic substances are also used for pig fattening. You should better abdicate this poisons. Furthermore, the predilection for sweet taste is a pure matter of habit. And someone who can’t leave the fingers at all from the sweet things, as I do for example, I advise to fresh fruits. Here in Costa Rica the offer is particularly fine and the sickly sweet bananas are even free at the hotel Costa Rica, Samara, Paraiso del Cocodrilo.



Another bad poison, which many of us do eat is the antibiotic. To switch to homeopathic and natural remedies instead of antibiotics is widespread. Why do we eat things that are full of substances that we really try to avoid? Industrial livestock farming and life-threatening conditions lead to sick animals for slaughter. As if this weren’t yet bad and sad enough, the animals are still given antibiotics, so that they can be slaughtered in rude health. And to take it to a next level: the whole thing can also lead to incurable diseases, since bacterial strains are formed, which can’t be effected by antibiotics. Therefore – either the animal or himself for love – abdicate meat completely or buy the happy beef, chicken or pig from a natural and biological attitude.


fresh fruits from the market
organic market
fresh fruits



Did you know that there are many traditional ways to make foods last longer? No? Then here a few examples: smoking, drying boiling, sugaring, salting, vacuuming, vinegar etc. Therefore, there are no reasons for treating food with artificial preservatives. Much more, the treatment with the preservatives covers up unclean production methods and foods are made more durable than they should be.




Finally we look at the pesticides and fungicides. Pesticides are sprayed in masses over the fields in order to avoid a pest infestation of the plants. These substances also enter the groundwater and get absorbed by the roots of the plants. In consideration of this fact, even the peeling of the vegetables doesn’t help.

The fungicides, also known as anti-fungal agents, are distributed on various fruits to prevent the mold. Well, then good appetite! Especially citrus fruits are treated extremely strong. I am glad about our untreated lime tree here in the hotel in Costa Rica.


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