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Papaya trees fell down
stormy weather Costa Rica

Costa Rica, 12.12.2017

strong summerwind in Guanacaste

Here in Costa Rica, Samara blows a strong summer wind for two days. The stormy wind rages especially at night and has also caused damage. Trees have fallen on the power lines and on the streets. But also here in the hotel, a larger tree fell down, which now had to be sawn. And many of our papaya trees could not withstand - too bad for the many fruits that were not yet ripe for harvest!

However, this storm is typical of the month of December - the winds come every year and announce the summer! Sometimes they are stronger, sometimes they are weaker. We just hope it will not break any more.

Pura Vida


Costa Rica, 28.11.2017

Minimal decline in the poverty rate

Currently, the poverty rate in Costa Rica is 20% of the population, which corresponds to about 305.200 households. Thus, compared to the previous year, a small decrease of 0.5% has to be recorded. The reason for this is an increase in income of the Costa Rican population. Nevertheless, 5.7% of the Ticos still live in extreme poverty. We hope that the numbers will continue to fall in the future!



Costa Rica, 17.11.2017

Earthquake in Jaco, Costa Rica

Last Sunday (12.11.2017) there was a violent 6.5 magnitude earthquake near the popular seaside resort of Jaco, on the west coast of Costa Rica. Fortunately, there were no injuried or damage, the biggest evil were wobbling houses in San José and power cuts in Alajuela. In addition, several aftershocks - even a magnitude 5.1 - registered. Here in Guanacaste, too, a slight rattle of the ground was felt, but nothing more.


Guana Beer
Costa Rica natural beer


Costa Rica, Guanacaste 08.11.2017

Cerveza artesenal in Costa Rica, Guanacaste

Cervezas artesenales, beers from the original and natural production process, are becoming more and more popular. And even here in Hojancha, Guanacaste, the "Guana Beer" is brewed! But what is it all about, with the natural production?

The swill is produced in small quantities and sometimes manual work is necessary. The ingredients are only barley malt, water, hops and yeast. What just goes into a good beer and no harmful additives, dyes or preservatives. The passion of the manufacturer can already be seen at the sight of the bottles.

Of course, we will not miss out on this delicacy, which is why both the Guana Beer and other artesenale cervezas are now available in our restaurant! Come and see for yourself, cheers!

hotel Costa Rica restaurant and bar


cleaning up after tropical storm
fixing the road


Costa Rica, Guanacaste, 07.10.2017

A tropical storm in Costa Rica

A tropical storm reached Costa Rica and broke bridges, overflowed sewers, trees fell on roads and blocked them and landslides were caused on streches of six provinces. Monteverde wasn't even reachable for 2 days.

Also in Guanacaste heavy wind and strong rainfall, lasting for two days, led to blockages of roads, failure of electricity and a lot of other problems.

In the meantime, the situation is normalizing and clearing up is taking place everywhere.


Samara, Costa Rica, 9.3.2017
Sustainability in Guanacaste

Among the population of Guanacaste slowly but surely grows the wish and the will for a more sustainable and considered life in the sun region of Costa Rica. Small groups start to promote buying locally and thus strenghten environmental consciousness. That's how they want to ensure the sustainabilty in Gunacaste and preserve the region for the following generations. 



Sámara, Costa Rica, 25.12.2016

Severe earthquake in Chile

A severe earthquake with a magnitude of 7.7 occurred in Chile. Reports say that there are no victims, which is probably due to the fact that in the area around the epicentre do not live a lot of people and that the area had been evacuated before. Experts are still speculating about the costs of the damages that have been caused. The centre of the earthquake was about 225 kilometres away from the coastal town Puerto Montt, which is within a distance of 1100 kilometres to the capital Santiago. Only 10 minutes after the earthquake followed an aftershock with a magnitude of 5.2.
After the earthquake occurred, a tsunami warning was issued for a radius of 1000 kilometres, but later it was withdrawn. Authorities say that the area is not dangerous anymore.



Sámara, Costa Rica, 16.12.2016

Climate change - The sea-level rises

More and more the consequences of climate change become visible. One of those consequences is the increase of the sea-level caused by the melting of the glacial ice of Antarctica and Greenland. This new and interesting article closely examines the topic of the increase of the sea-level.



Nicoya, Guanacaste 27.06.2016



Solution for drinking water problems in Guanacaste



04.04.2016, Costa Rica

Woman drowns because of strong stream, Playa Guiones

The body of a 39 years old Philippin tourist was found after a day she went missing in the ocean at Playa Guiones.

Unfortunately, this headline topic isn't the first. Lots of people underestimate the strength of the coasts in Costa Rica. Approximately one year ago a Canadian man had the same destiny. He was in excellent physical condition and had a lot of experience in swimming and watersports. But that wasn't enough to save him. 



Costa Rica, 23.11.2015

Costa Rica is healthy!

That is what the information services, news and media company "Bloomberg" proclaimed, together with the British newspaper "The Independet". The evaluated data came from the United Nations, the World Bank and the World Health Organization (WHO). Out of this data, a health ranking of 145 countries was created.

Singapore gets hold of the first prize of the healthiest countries with a health rate of 89.45%. Costa Rica, Chile, Cuba, Mexico and Panama are the healthiest countries in Latin America. The last places went to Guatemala, Bolivia and Haiti.

The countries have been classified based on a points system that contains, among other, demographic factors such as the country's infant mortality, causes of death, mortality/immunization rates and smoking rates among adolescents.

If you want to make healthy holidays in Costa Rica, you should read about it on the Costa Rica travelnews blog.



San Jose, 20.11.2015

Forbidden love - prison sentence for lesbian wedding

Same-sex marriages are illegal in Costa Rica - and that subject is taken quite serious.

After a lesbian couple (24 and 28 years) got married, now it faces a prison sentence. The director of the Registrar of marriages and births, Luis Bolanos, said on Monday that he would apply for a cancellation of the wedding.

Furthermore, Bolanos explains that he wants to hand the case over to the Prosecutor. In addition, he was assuming that all involved persons were aware of the fact that they violate the law.

However, the women probably did not think that they would face a prison sentence of between two and six years. In addition, the lawyer who was responsible for the wedding has to stand trial for the illicit bond.

First, the forbidden marriage remained undiscovered because on the birth certificate of one of the two women, sex is indicated by an error as male. Thereon the lawyer now relies: He had married a man and a woman, according to documents.

More information and facts about Costa Rica can be found on the website for relaxing travel advices.



dangerous bags for enviroment

Costa Rica, 18.11.2015              

Costa Rica is hoping for a NO to plastic bags

Heavy degradable plastic waste is a major threat to our environment. This also recognized the Legislative Assembly of the environment Commission and approved that a new article is added to the law on waste management, if the General Assembly agrees.

In the proposed amendment, it comes to prohibit companies to package their products in disposable plastic bags. For foodstuffs, where this is not possible, however, an exception would be made.

Sollte ein Unternehmen dabei erwischt werden, wie es die Reglung nicht einhält, blüht ihm eine saftige Geldstrafe.

Should a company be caught, as it does not comply with the rules, it has to deal with hefty fine.

Now remains to be seen whether this really very meaningful proposal is approved. We keep our fingers crossed!

You can find a detailed report on the subject on the Costa Rica travelnews blog.



cheap fuel

Costa Rica, 27.10.2015

Gasoline prices reach new lows             

By a substantial reduction in gasoline prices, from November you will be able to refuel so cheap as recently six years ago in Costa Rica.

Expected Prices

This is a decline of 1¢ for premium gasoline, which lowers the price per litre at 561¢. Meanwhile, the price of diesel will fall by 7¢, which means to 450 ¢ per litre. The price of regular gasoline will probably remain at 538¢.

“Gasoline prices thus are 25% lower than in the same month last year and for diesel is the difference even 29%,” said Juan Manuel Quesada, director of Energy of the Regulatory Authority for Public Services (ARESEP).

Maximum prices in the last year

Something contrary happened in July 2014 as a litre of premium petrol reached a record price of 810¢ per litre. For the first time the price exceeded the barrier of 800¢.

Changes in Costa Rica

As ARESEP reported, the eight reductions, which have taken place this year, are relating directly to the fuel prices in the international market and the methodology used there.

Last week ARESEP announced a change in the calculation formula for fuel prices.

One of the biggest changes is that you pay from now on the price of the Costa Rican Oil Refinery (RECOPE) and the market price is not used.

Comparison: gasoline prices November 2014

Last November, the price of premium gasoline was 755¢, the price for regular gasoline was 717¢ and for diesel 634¢.

International Market

Also on the international market and in Germany it is considered that the gas prices will drop sharply soon.

The reason for this is that crude oil is currently as cheap as six years ago. The production also reaches a record level and is 95.7 million barrels a day and well above the demand. Thus, oil prices fall on new lows.



Guancaste, 20.10.2015

Remedy for damaged roads in Guanacaste

There is no question that many roads in the province of Guanacaste are in need of improvement. Many streets are old and damaged. But there will be help soon!

Because of a legislative decision every municipality gets around ¢770 billion to rehabilitate the roads. However, not only the streets expect improvement: walking and bike paths, parks, sewers and Co. will be renovated as well.

Mainly the citizens will benefit from this. They do not have to fight against the bad circumstances of the transport routes any longer. Even traffic safety and tourism draw the benefit from the windfall urgently needed.



Samara, 29.09.2015

Offspring for the Hotel Paraiso del Cocodrilo

The Costa Rica hotel Paraiso del Cocodrilo nearby Samara step by step develops into a real petting zoo. Not only monkey and Co. like to visit the hotel. Geese, chickens and sheep do really enjoy being here. In addition, there are newborn animals. Some chicks and two lambs were born a few days ago.

For more information and especially photos of the little cuties, you can visit the hotel news from Costa Rica.




San Jose 15.09.2015

Have a nice „Día de la Independencia“!

Today Costa Rica celebrating! Reason for this is the "Día de la Independencia". Central America now is independent from Spain for 94 years.


Usually locals celebrate the day with traditional music, national costume and dishes, different parades and many patriotic hymns. Besides, the calmness and joy of the present persons of all age groups is conspicuously. 


Just like „Pure Vida“! Those who would like to get to know more about this nice country


take a look in information and acts costa-rica



Healthy Eating, medicinal herbs and Flower power


After so many scandals in the food industry a lot of people have become aware of how much chemical and pollutants their food contains. Therefore, the interest in alternative nutrition grows and even small farms offer organic foods for sale.


Also in Costa Rica there are several farmers and businesses which produce natural products.

For example Nosara Organics and also in Samara there are two shops selling organic food.  Some restaurants follow along the change, so also the Hotel Paraiso del Cocodrilo.


Medicinal herbs get a more and more important. At the moment there is a big Moringa boom in Costa Rica. The leaves as a tea or even the grains can be eaten and have a positive effect on health. Also other plants are popular as Aloe Vera, Chia, Noni and Spinolina.


Moringa important ingredients

Moringa for example has many important ingredients for the body. Among important vitamin A for good vision, vitamin C which strengthens the immune system, potassium for proper metabolism, calcium for healthy teeth and bones , and many more .

Compared Moringa has 6x more calcium than milk, 3x more vitamin A than carrots, 6x more vitamin C than oranges, 14x more potassium than bananas and 24x more iron than spinach.


The Hotel Paraiso Cocodrilo most recently even offers courses. The courses can be used as an alternative to tablets and help to get high blood pressure or diabetes under control.

Good food and exercise are in the program. With simple means there can be achieved a lot here, while passing on vacation.


Flower Power is back in Costa Rica.

The Costa Rica Hotel on the sandy beach of Buenavista Samara is also a big tropical garden with medicinal herbs, flowers of all kinds and fruit trees. Flower Power is back in Costa Rica.


Anyone who is interested in more information can write an Email

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San Jose, 13/07/2015

The gasoline prices in Costa Rica decrease 


Despite the various wars and conflicts in the world the prices for oil sink continently. The approved decrease will mean a Colones Cent 43 drop in the price of Super gasoline, a Colones Cent 49 decrease for Plus gasoline, and a Colones Cent  8 decrease for diesel. Per-liter prices will change from Colones 580 to 537 Colones for a liter of Super gasoline, while Regular gasoline will change from Colones 552 to 550 Colones and diesel will decrease from 522 to 474 Colones.

In Costa Rica the Regulatory Authority Public Services (ARESEP) approved a reduction of gas prices within the following days and the price for Diesel decreases.

The reduction corresponds with the monthly adjustment, taking into account the international fuel prices and the currency translation rate of Colones towards Dollar.