First-tica on Mount Everest

First-tica on Mount Everest

First-tica woman, 45-year-old Ligia Madrigal wants to be the first woman from Costa Rica to climb the highest mountain on earth – Mount Everest. Otherwise she won’t have many challenges left. Madrigal has been doing sports since she was four years old and is now an ultramarathon runner.

However, she is not the first Tica to climb the 8,848 m high summit. But none of them made it to the top. But this is also due to the fact that Everest offers special challenges. The ascent has to be planned and carried out in a technically optimal way, as the weather conditions and the lack of oxygen play an important role. 

Right on time for the 200th anniversary celebration

The 45-year-old mother y first-tica has been training with her mountaineering colleague Warner Rojas for years. He gave her the idea to be the first Tica on top of Mount Everest. He himself was the first Tico. In 2012 he set off on his journey and actually made it to the summit.

The two are planning their joint ascent in 2021, the year in which Costa Rica celebrates 200 years as a republic. In preparation, however, the two want to climb different mountains. For example the Manaslu in Nepal (8163m), the Lenin summit in Kyrgyzstan (7.134m) and the Denali in Alaska (6.190m). Madrigal also wants to participate in the mountain bike race „Los Conquistadores“.

First-tica woman
First tica woman on top of mount Everest 8,848 m high.Within 3 days across the country

The mountaineer friends want to climb Everest without a local guide. Normally the motivated mountaineers fall back on the help of the Sherpas.

Sugar as an energy supplier 

The people who have lived in the mountains for centuries have adapted perfectly to the conditions at this altitude. They do not know any problems with altitude sickness or lack of oxygen. Even though only well-trained athletes try to storm the summit, nobody can compete with the Sherpas.

They allegedly use the inhaled oxygen much more efficiently and produce more adenosine triphosphate, which serves the cells as an energy carrier. In addition, they do not use fat as an energy source, but sugar. A process that is less efficient in principle, but requires less oxygen. An insight that may help Madrigal in her ascent. Because without outside help it is of course much more difficult to climb the mountain at -25°C. 

Often it is due to poor preparation

The decision to hike without a local guide was of course not met with much enthusiasm by her husband. At first he was not a fan of his wife’s idea to climb Mount Everest at all. Because again and again there are injured and dead.

According to Madrigal, however, these are often people who have the money but neither the fitness nor the appropriate preparation to make the ascent. After the successful ascent the Tica wants to step a little shorter and spend more time with her children. According to Madrigal, they are just as crazy about sports as she is.

First-tica power woman  is top.

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